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We are a modern office with strong customer service.

Our customer service and personal service are unmatched! We are open in the mornings before work and late evenings to help accommodate your busy schedule! We are always available for our patients. Day or night, weekend or holiday, we are here to serve you. We value your time greatly.
Our time is not more important than yours, and we will work our hardest to accommodate your busy schedule. We even have early and later appointments, making your orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible.
We are proud of our reputation for being a generous office with affordable, interest-free payment plans. Dr. Hall is a premier provider for most PPO insurance plans to ensure you have the lowest possible treatment fee and the highest insurance reimbursement.
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We will always strive to improve ourselves. Dr. Hall and her staff continually work to maintain the highest level of education, training, and expertise.
We will achieve total patient satisfaction, with professional service and care that is second-to-none.

Hall Philosophy

Everyone at Hall Orthodontics is highly dedicated to personally treating each patient, one at a time, in a caring, fun and comfortable environment. We listen carefully to the desires and needs of our patients and deliver clinical excellence, outstanding customer service, and a great patient experience. We look forward to serving you.


I highly recommend Dr. Hall She is experienced and professional but also incredibly kind and personable, which sets her apart from many other dental professionals. She takes the time to explain things and kept me up to date on my daughter's progress during her entire treatment.

Lori S.
Dr. Hall and her team truly went above and beyond, creating a welcoming atmosphere and making sure I was comfortable and happy with my treatment; I actually looked forward to going in for my appointments and I could not be happier with my results!

Lauren P.
Dr. Hall is a caring and extremely skilled orthodontist of high integrity. I give her the highest recommendation to anyone who requires orthodontic work to be done. Right from the beginning she began with an in depth, complimentary consultation and exam asking our concerns and what our goals were for treatment and went over all of our treatment options. She took the time to get to know both of our kids and they enjoyed their journey and have the most beautiful smiles!

Marie S.
I came to Dr. Hall with a not so high expectations that my smile would be what I had dreamed. Within a year of seeing Dr. Hall, I had completed my Invisalign treatment and I could not believe how great my teeth looked. I was amazed at how knowledgeable Dr. Hall was; she addressed all of my concerns and made sure I had a fantastic smile at the end of my treatment.

Alex R.
Dr. Hall has treated all three of my children and I could not recommend her more. She is a wonderful orthodontist. She is kind, knowledgeable and listens attentively to our questions. She thoroughly explains the treatment plan, and helps my kids feel comfortable and included in the process. We’ve had wonderful care and attention from her friendly support staff and assistants. I highly recommend Dr. Hall as an accomplished professional and a compassionate person.

Megan C.
Dr. Hall and staff are amazing! We had our consultation and started our treatment on the same day, which was really convenient. They’ve always worked with my schedule for all of our appointments. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable and they went out of their way to make sure we knew everything that’s going on during the treatment. She is kind, knowledgeable and listens attentively to our questions. She thoroughly explains the treatment plan, and helps my kids feel comfortable and included in the process. We’ve had wonderful care and attention from her friendly support staff and assistants.

Patrick P.

Smile Gallery

Anterior crossbites (underbites) on young patients is an indication for early (Phase I) orthopedic correction. This two-phase approach allows for orthopedic correction to allow for growth modification to correct the underbite. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be seen by an orthodontist by age 7. Look at this amazing result!

Does my child need a two-phase orthodontic treatment? Early treatment is essential on some growing patients to ensure proper growth and development. A two-phase treatment on this growing patient corrected an anterior open bite, allowing him to chew and speak more properly. If not treated when young, this condition may have required more extensive orthodontic treatment later, even jaw surgery!

Single tooth crossbites often create traumatic occlusion. This may lead to bone loss and recession so is important to correct as soon as possible! Early treatment is beneficial in so many ways, but that does not mean that everyone needs a Phase I of treatment. Dr. Hall’s complimentary consultation will provide a comprehensive evaluation with all of the information that you will need to know about your child.

Orthodontic treatment is not strictly for esthetics…by correcting this patient’s severe deep bite, we not only improved her bite and prevented abnormal tooth wear, but we gave her a BEAUTIFUL new smile she can be proud of!

Achieving the best results for our patients is what we do. Look at this amazing transformation. These are life changing results that can change a person’s self-esteem and confidence!

Dental crowding is one of the major reasons patients seek orthodontic treatment at Hall Orthodontics. Well aligned teeth are easier to keep clean, decrease the chance of cavities or gum issues, and are BEAUTIFUL as well!

CONFIDENCE! You don’t think that a smile can change a person’s life? With the skill and expertise of Dr. Hall, we were able to help this patient achieve a beautiful new smile which improved their confidence and self-esteem dramatically! For this patient, Dr. Hall worked in coordination with an oral surgeon to correct the patient’s crossbite, underbite and mandibular asymmetry, achieving a functional and aesthetically-pleasing result. It is never too late to achieve the smile of your dreams!

Dr. Hall works hand in hand with your dentist and dental specialists to create the appropriate and accurate amount of space for restorative work to be completed. This gorgeous girl had small lateral incisors and Dr. Hall worked with her dentist to make the appropriate amount of space for dental bonding and eventually dental veneers with Invisalign treatment. Not only did we create a beautiful smile but also achieved a fantastic bite! Dr. Hall believes in taking a multidisciplinary approach with all of her patients to ensure comprehensive dental care. (Part 1 of 2)

(Part 2 of 2)